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2017. October 9.

Suttyo's Facebook site

Suttyo's Facebook site site started!

This also started in English and in Hungarian! This is the English site: facebook.com/suttyoandfriends. This is the Hungarian site: facebook.com/suttyoesbaratai.

2017. September 19.

Suttyo's official web site started

Suttyo's official web site started!

Yes, the news is true. Suttyo has also joined the Internet. For now, the site is available in two languages in English and Hungarian. But it is under development for this time. Suttyo uses the following domains:

  • suttyo.com
  • suttyo.eu
  • suttyoandfriends.com
  • suttyoesbaratai.hu
  • suttyó.hu
  • suttyóésbarátai.hu

2017. May 7.