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Welcome to the Suttyo's official website!

On this page you can find all the Suttyo comics! About the past, the present and the future.

17. International Comic Festival

17. International Comic Festival

The Budapest International Comic Festival was held in Dürer Kert (this time at the new location, in the 11th district of Budapest), where we met our old and new friends again. There weren't that many people, maybe because of the long Pentecost weekend, or because more people were preparing for the Budapest Comic Con. Anyway, we had a great time!

2022. June 5.

Suttyó 5

The fifth book's cover is revealed!

The 5th Suttyo comic will be released for Comic Festival on June 5th. You can now see its cover. We can see Suttyo in the garden with his dating partner, Ivette. Sondor and Fercy with a notebook appear in the background. Vivi appears in Baroness costume from G.I. Joe.

You can buy this comic book in the shop

2022. May 29.

Suttyo 5. is done

Suttyo 5th comic book is done!

My fifth Suttyó comic is finally done! This is the end of a previous, dating story. We will start translating into English soon. The Budapest International Comic Festival will take place on June 5. I would like to print it out for this event. I hope I can print my comic book, unfortunately there are supply problems in the printing industry lately, which is why it takes a long time to print a newspaper/book.

2022. March 19.

Suttyó 4

More wallpapers!

I made 45 new wallpapers based on the fourth Suttyó comic! Now you can buy 127 piece wallpapers for only $15! Look at the wallpapers!

2020. november 25.

ArtSation logó

The Suttyo comics on the ArtStation!

The Suttyo wallpapaers and the digital versions of Suttyo comics are on the Artstation!

2020. November 25.

16. International Comic Festival

16. International Comic Festival

Due to the virus situation, the Comic Festival was held on September 27th instead of May. Indoors, everyone had to wear a mask, fortunately not outdoors. There were noticeably fewer visitors, but the hard core was present. My latest comic, Suttyó 4, which I made in thirteen months, debuted at this event. More pictures of the Festival.
The festival was held again in the Dürer Garden, rumored to be the last.

2020. September 28.

Suttyó 4

The fourth book's cover is revealed!

The fourth Comic Book will be released for the 27th Hungarian Comic Festival. You can now see its cover. We can see Suttyo and Friends at home. In addition to the main characters, a long blonde hair girl also appears on it. We can see Vivi as a beauty queen. Why? We know everything from the comic book!

You can buy this comic book in the shop

2020. September 19.

Suttyó 4. is finished!

The making of Suttyó 4. is finished!

The last two pages were also completed in the latest Suttyó comic. All that remains is to make the cover and a few minor touches.
So Suttyo 4. can appear for the Budapest International Comics Festival (September 27.).

2020. August 7.

Hungarocomix logó

Hungarocomx 2019

The Hungarocomix was held again in the Lurdy House. We were a little tight this year because there were a lot of comic book exhibitors. I’m glad more and more creators are dealing with comics.
We are supposed to go to a bigger place next year.

2019. December 15.

Suttyó a Comixology-n

Suttyo 1.-2. is available on Comixology!

The first two Suttyo story is available on Comixology.com! for $2.99! I putted together the first two episod in one book. This is the children safe version!

2019. November 28.

Suttyó a Képregény Marketen

Suttyo on Képregény Market!

The Suttyo comics available on Képregény Market!

2019. július 15.

Suttyo comic book storyboard

The next Suttyo storyboard is complete!

After several weeks of work, the next Suttyo storyboard was completed. The story is about Suttyo's date. The storyboard is 68 pages long. It doesn't fit into a booklet, so this story will be in two booklets. These will be Suttyo 4. and Suttyo 5.!

2019. July 11.

Pilcz Roland és én

15. International Comic Festival

There was the 15th Budapest International Comics Festival on May 12th. On this event debuted the Suttyo 2.5, the child-friendly version of Suttyo 2.

2019. May 13.

Suttyó 2.5

Suttyo 2.5 has done!

This is the child safe version of the second Suttyo comic book. This comic book not contains nudity! I completely replaced 9 pages, even so this has 36 pages, too. This comic book's premiere was on the 15th International Comic festival of Budapest!

2019. May 2.

A második füzet címlapja bemutatkozik

The shop is available at Suttyo.com!

The first version of shop is ready here! You can buy Suttyo comics on this site from me. You can buy with your PayPal account, you don't need register on Suttyo website.

2019. April 16.

Suttyós Csillagok Háborúja

40. Comic book market

Suttyo and Friends was there on the 40. Comic book market. We feel good. We met my old and new friends. The Suttyo poster in Star Wars Vintage-style was enough popular.
A said few secrets of new Suttyo comic book for my fans.

2019. March 11.

Suttyós Csillagok Háborúja

Hungarocomix 2018!

Suttyo will there on the second most important Hungarion comis book event! Click for the details!
This will be in the Lurdy-House on December 2.!

2018. november 26.

Suttyo Star Wars parody

The Suttyo Star Wars parody is available!

I did not make the whole movie at this time. I made only the "escaping princess" scene from the New Hope. For more details click here!

2018. august 28.

Online table for Suttyo 3.

Online table for Suttyo 3.

I work hard in the next Suttyó story, looks like I'm ready in August. You can follow my work realtime on this online table: Suttyo 3. online table
This table contains a link where you can see pictures of the models of the story.
This story was originally designed for 12 to 16 pages, but in the meantime it has grown to 40 pages. Two stories will be available: a 24 page free and a 40 page high-resolution PDF, which will be downloadable for 1$.

2018. August 10.

You can order the physical copy of Suttyo comic books

You can order the physical copy of Suttyo comic books now!

A fulfilment company will send the Suttyo comic books to my supporters to the world in the next weeks! But there is an opportunity for everybody to get a copy! This pack contains two english Suttyo comic book and a small booklet. This small booklet is in Hungarian language, but these three are the full collection now! I would like to translate later this. How to get you these books?
Visit my shop page to buy these comic books:

First book is 28 pages. (English)
Second book is 36 pages. (English)
Small book is 16 pages. (Hungarian)

The Suttyo comic books are for 17+ years old! I don't save and don't sharing your addres, I will delete it soon.

2018. may 30.

The second book's cover is revealed

The second book's cover is revealed!

The first two of Suttyó comics are ready! Now I'll show you the second book's cover. You can see in high in the comics page:

2018. April 24.

SSL encryption is active

SSL encryption is active now on Suttyo's website!

Although I did not request personal information from visitors, I though that important to activate the SSL encryption on Suttyó's website.

2018. February 20.

The first book's cover is revealed

The first book's cover is revealed!

I am working hard on my first Suttyo story. The first book is complete now. I don't release this book, because I will publish the both Suttyo book together. This is only in Hungarian language. I will translate it later. But I show you the cover of the first book. You can see in high in the comics page:

2017. December 13.

The final website is completed

The final website is completed!

The official website of Suttyo has been completed! Now you can finally know about Suttyo's birth and you can even see few pages of the original comics.

2017. November 17.


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