Suttyo comic books pack

This pack contains 4 physical comic books, 5 PDF file and 82 JPG wallpapers. The Suttyo 2. and Suttyo 2.5 are same story, but the 2.5 is a child safe version. I replaced 9 pages in this one. If you would like signed comics please write me:
The price contains the shipping cost! You will get all digital contents immediately after the PayPal paying process. After the success payment process click on the Return to Merchant button, where you get the ZIP files.
I will post the physical comic books on the next weekday. You will get a tracking code for checking the status of the pack online.


The pack contains these physical comic books:

These comic books are Saddle-stitched format.


The Suttyo 2.5 and Suttyo booklet has only Hungarian version. The english versions is only in digital format!

The pack contains these digital comic books:


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